lexus rx, facebook video



To inaugurate a reappraisal of Lexus by communicating an 'aspirational' image in Facebook Video.


Social channels such as Facebook already see users depicting themselves living lives of opulence. Lexus must enter these streams on their own terms. 


Channelling the golden age of cinema to create a compelling and interesting lifestyle narrative that puts the viewer in the drivers seat and into the lifestyle of a Cary Grant/Jude Law character role. 20'' Point Of View cut downs for Facebook that use a cinematic Saul Bass inspired graphic so that they work even without the audio.


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Lexus, Live the Life RX

Take the ride to a life less ordinary.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, May 12th, 2016

521,000 independent hits so far. A happy Lexus.


Extract from my pitch:

"The keys to a Lexus RX are the keys to a lifestyle. In the chromium sheen of the RX the viewer sees their own reflection smiling back. Talented, charming and interesting, the Live the Life campaign emphasises the strong points of our aspirational, successful target audience by allowing them to enjoy the experience of true luxury.
The Live the Life TVC campaign casts the viewer in the role of a matinee idol revelling in a glamour reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood. The playful, point-of-view journey allows us to experience a life of thrill, and excitement. Those who can afford the upper-end brands will be drawn to a world where their lives are lived like Jude Law as the 1920s playboy Tom, in Talented Mr. Ripley, or in the mould of Cary Grant in North by Northwest, but seated instead in a cutting-edge, 21st century vehicle.
In-keeping with the Live the Life TV Commercial, our new assets will deploy cinematic narrative styles but will tailor them for the mediums of Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram users already emphasise the luxurious qualities of their lives with photographs of opulent cars, holidays and fine dining. Our strategies as outlined here will fit the already well designed campaign into the medium for a seamless integration with the content of friends and followers."